Diagnosis for Depression

Diagnosis of depression often involves a series of question answer sessions, tests and medical history analysis. Firstly, the doctor might check the medical and psychiatric history of the patient as well as his family to check for genetic causes.

Then, the doctor might ask questions to the patient about the fluctuations in mood, behavioral activities like eating & sleeping and the type of thoughts that the patient generally experiences (suicidal). Sometimes, the doctor may also provide a question/answer form to be filled by the patient, for better understanding of the problem.

“If the person is suffering from major depression, he/she will be suffering from at least 5 or more symptoms written above along with sorrowful mood and lack of pleasure, for more than 2 weeks.”

To make sure that this problem is not caused due to some other medical problem such as some disease, drug abuse or reaction, the doctor may also recommend some blood tests and thyroids tests to analyze the results. At the last, the doctors may check for the areas of function that have been affected by this disorder, for example, bodily functions, social life or work life, etc.

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