Symptoms of Depression

While the symptoms of depression vary from person to person, the most commonly found ones are intense feeling of sorrow, loss of interest or happiness while doing the day to day tasks or recreational activities. There are a lot of other symptoms that may indicate that you are suffering from depression. These include:

  • You might experience bad temper, anxiety & impatience.
  • Lesser sexual interests or feelings.
  • Loss of concentration, focusing power and decision making abilities.
  • Lesser need to sleep or excessive amount of sleeping.
  • Loss or increase in the appetite.
  • Decrease or increase in the weight.
  • Fatigue and deficiency of energy.
  • Crying suddenly for no known reason.
  • Pain in the body and headaches for no known cause.
  • Losing hope and feeling useless.
  • Having issues in social interaction & withdrawing from general activities.
  • Urge to commit suicide or thinking about death.
  • Isolating own self.
  • Feeling of guilt.

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