As the causes, affected area and type of pain is different in headaches experienced by different people. To help you understand better about the types of headache you are experiencing, here are the details about their various types.


These are one of the most commonly experienced ones in people of all ages. These usually start slow and get worse towards the end of the day. You might experience tightly bound head, constant pain on both sides and ache to & from neck. These are further divided into 2 further types, namely episodic & chronic. Episodic ones last for few hours to few days while chronic might last for months as well.


In a migraine, you might experience thumping kind of pain in one side of your head. You might also experience vision blurring, light-headed feeling, nausea and sensory issues. These are also really very common and these can affect the lifestyle of a person adversely, as the chronic pain caused due to these might last from few hours to 3 days.


These are also known as medication overuse headaches as these are caused due to intake of excessive pain killers. The aching caused due to these increase from beginning of the day & worsens towards end of the day. These can often lead to problems issues such as neck-ache, impatience, nasal congestion and sleeplessness.


These mostly occur for 15 minutes to 3 hours once or repeatedly during the day, for weeks or months as well. While the symptoms are not so clear, the pain due to these is often on-sided, severe, and prickly & aching in or near one eye. This might lead to redness or swelling in the area affected, excessive nasal flow & drooped eyelid.


These are known to be the most painful ones as these reach their maximum intensity rapidly in less than a minute and last for more than five minutes. These are mostly a sign of serious underlying issues such as RVS, meningitis, intracerebral hemorrhage, aneurysms and pituitary apoplexy.

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