What Causes Migraines

A migraine is basically connected to your brain and thus, the most common reason behind this issue is the abnormal activity in the brain.

This often leads to chemical imbalance, issues in blood vessels and disturbed neural communication. You might also genetically inherit this issue from your parents or family members.

Common Causes of Migraines:

Hormones Imbalance:

In case of women, this problem might occur due to the imbalance caused in the hormones during menstruation period.

Emotional Factors:

Tension, -depression, concern, exhilaration & distress can often lead to this problem.

Physical Factors:

Fatigue, lack of sleep, excessive exercise, shoulder pain, neck pain, low blood sugar and poor posture can also cause this issue.

Dietary Factors:

Excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine can set off these. Other food items include tyramine-containing foods such as chocolate, cheese, and citrus fruits. Lack of nutritious food & water and disturbed meal timings also is a big reason.


It has also been found that intake of sleeping pills, medicines of hormone replacement therapy and birth control drugs are also a contributive factor.

Environmental Factors:

Environmental triggers include smoking, strong smell, flashy screens of PCs & mobiles, noisy surroundings, suffocating places, temperature change and too bright lighting can also contribute.

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