Schizophrenia Diagnosis

Medical science is always based on written facts and reports, which is why diagnosis of Schizophrenia also involves a series of tests, analysis and report creation for surety. Doctors need to make sure that the patient is suffering from this issue or from some other mental disorder, which is why analyzing and testing is necessary. These are the most common ways to diagnose this mental problem:

  • Blood Tests – Blood tests help in understand the underlining cause of this issue, such as drug abuse and other physical causes.
  • Computerized Imaging – Computerized imaging tests such as MRI & CT scan help in knowing if there are any issues in the structure of brain & presence of tumors.
  • Psychological Study – The doctor may then have a meeting with the patient, in order to evaluate the psychological factors that might have cause the problem. In this, questions are asked about hallucinations, delusions, reasons for anger, thoughts, violent ideas and other essential symptoms.

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