Schizophrenia Symptoms

As this disorder makes it difficult for you to live and perform the daily tasks properly. The symptoms of this disease may vary according to the personality and nature of patients. The symptoms might not only affect the patient but his/her friends, family and colleagues as well. Let’s check out the most common symptoms of Schizophrenia.

  • Delusions – Patients suffering from this disease often become delusional and they tend to falsely believe in things that their mind tells them. For example, a person might feel that you are being bossy to them and controlling them while others might feel that they are some kind of superhero or super human with special powers.
  • Hallucinations­ – Another very common symptom of this issue is the patient experiencing hallucinations such as voices in head, seeing things, having smells and taste of things that are not actually present.
  • Thinking Problems – The patient might have problems in logical reasoning and also, might not be able to concentrate on one topic. You might not even find any logic behind what they tell you.
  • Lack Of Motivation – One might also experience lack of motivation and self confidence, while being unable to perform day to day tasks.
  • Emotional Imbalance – One might also experience lack of emotional responsiveness to situations of happy or sad nature.
  • Socially Inactive – One might also become socially inactive and isolate oneself when suffering from this issue.
  • Cognitive Difficulties – Issues such as lack of concentration, poor memory, inability to plan, manage and perform tasks are common. Communication might also be the department at stake here.

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