Schizophrenia Treatment

In most cases, the patients have to deal with this problem during their whole life but with right treatment, a person can lead a quite normal life. Psychiatrists are known to be the experts of brain and they have stated that with a right combination of medicines, psychological therapy and self helping resources, one can easily cope with Schizophrenia and lead a productive life.

Some of the most commonly prescribed anti-psychosis drugs for this disorder are listed below:

  • Risperidone – This drug is known to have lesser sedative effect than most other antipsychotics. While it might prove helpful in the condition, side effects of this may include increase in weight and diabetes.
  • Olanzapine & Clozapine– These also help in controlling the symptoms of this disease but it might also cause the patient to become overweight and diabetic.
  • Quetiapine – It is also effective but has the same side effects as the above two.
  • Ziprasidone – While the chances of becoming overweight and diabetic are less using this, the patient might develop the cardiac arrhythmia
  • Haloperidol – It has proven to be very effective in treatment & its effects are known to last for weeks.

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