Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

The initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease are known to appear in the middle-aged people, mostly ranging between 40 to 50 years of age. Then, these symptoms become worse and ultimately a person loses all the control of body and mind.  Patients diagnosed with this disorder have an average life expectancy is between 3 to 9 years.

The common symptoms of this disorder are:

  1. Difficulty In Learning – The first area of the brain affected by this is the one responsible for learning, which is why the person might have difficulty in remembering new information & freshly acquired details.
  2. Difficulty In Remembering – Alzheimer’s Disease is known to affect the memory of the patients as they tend to forget about significant dates, ask repetitive questions about the same topic, depend upon memos or reminders and rely on family or friends for performing the regular tasks that they always did by themselves.
  3. Loss Of Problem Solving Skills – Another very essential sign to notice is that a person loses his problem-solving ability. This might include issues with calculations, inability to make plans, problems while keeping track of expenditures. Also, they will lose their concentration power badly.
  4. Behavioral Changes – As this disease affects the brain directly and the brain is the one that controls the behavior of a person, the patient might become aggressive, restless, irritable and agitated. He/she might also find difficulty in taking self-care, might repeat own words continuously and the personality might completely change.
  5. Mood Changes – The mood of such an individual can suddenly change from being happy to angry, discontented and lonely as well.
  6. Psychological Signs – Brain being the targeted area of the AD, a person might experience psychological issues such as depressionhallucinations, and paranoia.
  7. Physical Issues – This disorder is also known to make the individual lose control over his muscles, body movements, jumbling of words and appetite loss.

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