TREATMENT of Alzheimer’s Disease

As this is still an incurable disorder, the treatment is provided to manage the disease in the right way. This might also include, supporting the patient for staying positive & providing emotional strength to their family. Most common aspects of the treatment plan include:

  • Treatment of other diseases contributing to the degradation of mental as well as physical health.
  • Motivating and supporting the individual to perform his regular activities without making him feel that something’s wrong.
  • Calendars, memos, reminders, and notes should be provided to them so that they can remember things easily.
  • To avoid stress, negative thoughts, lonely feeling and depression, they should be motivated to be socially active and interact with friends & family more.
  • Support groups are helpful as when you see others fighting and winning over their problems, you also feel highly positive.
  • Avoiding alcohol, drugs, and tobacco can also prove to be highly beneficial.

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